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Aerator Testing & Commissioning
Apple juice processing
Apple pommace after pressing
Biological treatment - Activated Sludge aeration
Groundwater Monitoring Bore Drilling
Hahn B-triple rig
Installation of Secondary Clarifier
Raw Wastewater & Treated Effluent
Raw winery wastewater after gross-solids screening
Reclaimed Water Re-use - Birdwood SA
Screening & De-watering
Site Contamination Assessment Field Sampling
Sludge Thickening & Dewatering Equipment
Soil Survey - Land Capability Assessment
Soil Testing - Teflon Core Sheath
Treated effluent discharge from secondary clarifer
Treated effluent to storage dam for re-use
Wastewater Pumping Station
Wastewater solids & sludge processing plant
Winery Wastewater Inflow

Environmental Consulting Services

Environmental Engineering & Science for Industry and Government

Specialists in Treatment, Re-use and Recyling of Wastewater

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Environmental Audit

Environmental Audit

Phillip Baker, Principal Consultant with Land Energy is a Certified Auditor under RBAQSA International's Environmental Scheme, with the follwing scope of certification:

• Environmental Management Audit

Environmental Management System (EMS) Audit

Environmental Report Verification

Compliance Audit

This expertise provides Land Energy with the capability to design, develope and implement a range of EMS solutions for our clients, from basic EcoMapping™ to full ISO 14000 compliant systems. The Certified Auditor qualification allows us to undertake ISO 14000 audits for organisations working towards accreditation, and assist companies to achieve their environmental management objectives, at a level which suits and is relevant to the scale and nature of the organisation.

Contaminated Sites

Land Energy also undertakes Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) in respect of site de-commissioning, re-development or as part of due diligence procedures. These assessments are generally undertaked to investigate potential soil and groundwater contamination, which may indicate the need for remediation, on-going environmental monitoring and/or mitigation measures.  Preparation of a Remediation Management Plan or equivalent in specific jurisdictions may be required by regulators in the event of remediation being indicated by the ESA.