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Aerator Testing & Commissioning
Apple juice processing
Apple pommace after pressing
Biological treatment - Activated Sludge aeration
Groundwater Monitoring Bore Drilling
Hahn B-triple rig
Installation of Secondary Clarifier
Raw Wastewater & Treated Effluent
Raw winery wastewater after gross-solids screening
Reclaimed Water Re-use - Birdwood SA
Screening & De-watering
Site Contamination Assessment Field Sampling
Sludge Thickening & Dewatering Equipment
Soil Survey - Land Capability Assessment
Soil Testing - Teflon Core Sheath
Treated effluent discharge from secondary clarifer
Treated effluent to storage dam for re-use
Wastewater Pumping Station
Wastewater solids & sludge processing plant
Winery Wastewater Inflow

Environmental Consulting Services

Environmental Engineering & Science for Industry and Government

Specialists in Treatment, Re-use and Recyling of Wastewater

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As one of the first independent environmental consulting companies operating in Australia, Land Energy's knowledge of the multiple aspects of the disciplines involved, means that we can quickly develop an understanding of your unique and specific requirements. We have the capability and experience to design appropriate customised solutions to your environmental project requirements.

Project Feasibility Assessment

Effluent quality and production assessment

Hydrological and geological site assessment

Water and wastewater quality assessment

Soil survey and land capability studies

Site selection and suitability criteria

Wastewater treatment, re-use, disposal options and strategies

Water, nutrient and salt balance modelling and analysis

Climatic analysis and influence

Benefit/Cost analysis and cash flow estimates

Environmental impact assessment

Detailed Planning and Design

Preparation of design specifications

Detailed engineering drawings and schedules

Hydraulic network analysis

Wastewater pre-treatment & design

Effluent pumping and filtration plants

Disinfection and sanitisation systems

Sizing of receiving sites and wet weather storages

Irrigation system design

Constructed wetland treatment systems

Integrated control/monitoring system design

Total water/wastewater resource management

Regulatory Authority Submissions and Approvals

Interpretation of regulations and guidelines

Liaison and negotiation with regulatory authorities

Compliance Monitoring

Representation at EPA conferences and meetings

Works approval and licence documentation

Environmental Monitoring Programs

Environment Improvement Programs

Tender Preparation and Project Management

Preparation of tender documentation

Contract preparation and administration

Supervision of tenders and contractors

Testing and commissioning

Liaison between Contractor and Principal

Site Development and Crop Options

Horticultural, agricultural and forestry crop options

Site preparation specifications

Species selection and performance

Crop establishment and management options

Long term crop and land management strategies

Environmental Audit and Monitoring Programs

Surface and groundwater monitoring programs

Soil/water/crop interaction and monitoring

Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation Management Plans

Long term management and sustainability

Environmental audit, assessments and reports

Wastewater Iirrigation Management Plans